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Gothic Lolita Vlog : Affording clothes:

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The outfit would’ve probably worked much better with heels… but we had quite a long walk planned and I honestly just cannot walk in heels. Shame forever.
Chiffon Drape JSK by Angelic Pretty
Chiffon blouse from Bodyline
Tights, head accessory from Taobao
Shoes by Antaina
Purse local
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“I had a photoshooting in berlin for a magazine and suddenly some random girl in the background started laughing and pointing at me and called me a tranny. the photographer don’t stopped taking pics and so this shot happend. it was very strange. but that’s happening in germany all day. in fact when I wear lolita people on the street call me a whore or a cunt. I am used to it now.”-Fahrlight’s (lolita in photo) own words.

and yet she looks bitchin next to these basic bakas

Bookworm by Blossom-of-Faelivrin
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Gorgeos gothed up shoot we had *___*
Dress is by Angelic Pretty! <3
source : http://blossom-of-faelivrin.deviantart.com/art/Evil-Queen-476255404
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